About Kalpnik

Religion and spirituality play a significant role in the lives of every Indian. But with devotees significantly outnumbering available shrines, the crowded complexes at popular places of worship and the sheer physical distance between the devotee’s city of residence and the location of the shrine can often be a deterrent to a fulfilling spiritual experience. Kalpnik uses cutting-edge technology to tackle this challenge and to provide devotees with an immersive spiritual experience, regardless of their physical locations.

Kalpnik is revolutionising the very concept of devotee engagement in India through immersive VR/AR content & technology. Its proprietary, patent-pending technology delivers object insertion and interactivity in 360-degree, VR video streams, enabling a viewing experience so powerful that it recreates for the devotee the experience of actually being physically present at the event.

Kalpnik has been founded by business & technology veterans Ashwani Garg (ex-Director, New Business Solutions at Intel), John Kuruvilla (ex CRO Air Deccan, ex Managing Director, GenNext Ventures, a Reliance Industries sponsored venture fund), and Apul Nahata (ex-CTO, GenNext Ventures, ex QUALCOMM). Their diverse backgrounds coupled with the need to create a disruptive Global company from India bought them together to work on this innovative idea which has untapped potential globally but is still an unexplored territory.


Ashwani Garg

CEO & Co-Founder


Apul Nahata

CTO & Co-Founder


John Kuruvilla

CRO & Co-Founder