Applications of our technology platform are only limited by one’s Kalpana (Imagination)

Our first application - VRDevotee is bringing something exciting to the spirituality & religion vertical - A unique immersive and interactive experience for devotees to engage deeper with their faith. VRDevotee is available on Android, iOS.

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Scotty Beam Me Up- Star Trek pushed us all into a surreal world where people and objects were transported across time and space. Imagine the possibilities of the reel world now being made possible in the real world by Kalpnik, using VR/ AR solutions and headgear. Imagine you being transported to venues, locales and events from the confines of your home and office and get the joy of an Interactive and Immersive experience. Our platform blends together multiple cutting edge technologies to create immersive, interactive and yet simple experiences. Platform applications allow users to virtually visit a remote place or be at a remote event in a unique way they may not have experienced before. Best of all, it is on the user's mobile devices.

360 Experience

Pre-recorded or live high quality 360 Videos create compelling stories

Computer Vision

Contextual virtual objects in the video streams enhance user experience


Gestures allow users to interact with the inserted objects

Virtual Reality

Mobile virtual reality brings the overall experience with high degree of immersiveness and engagement